Here at our Yandina depot we now provide STORAGE. We can securely keep your belongings onsite at our depot inside our secured warehouse, in home packs. By using home packs, we can cut the cost of your move!

We bring the home pack to your house and load it onsite, inside the truck. The home pack is then forklifted off the truck when arriving at our depot, which saves the costs of your move because your belongings are only handled the one time.

We store your lounge on its feet and wrap in protective blankets. We also store and water your pots plants.

When you are ready to come out of storage, we simply forklift the home pack onto the truck and deliver to your new address, where we then unload the home pack for you. This creates peace of mind because you can see us close the home pack up at your pick-up address, and the home pack is then securely kept closed until we open it at your new home. Should you ever need to grab anything out of storage, we can arrange a time that suits you where we can open your home pack up and obtain anything you need (a fee applies). Please contact the office if you require access to your storage.

For more information on our storage here at John’s Furniture Removals, please contact us on 0415 720 510 or 07- 54 727 083. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.